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  • National and International awards in Documentary; producing, directing and writing – including multiple Emmy ® Awards.

  • Dozens of projects broadcast in over 100 domestic markets as well as 35 countries in 8 different languages.

  • 25 years working on Public Health issues nationally and internationally.

  • As a Director, Mr. Schueler has worked with Glenn Close, Bryan Cranston, Sam Donaldson, Montel Williams, Ali MacGraw and others. 

  • Producing/Directing productions in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, Central America and Africa as well as across the United States; Schueler’s programs have raised public awareness and impacted public policy throughout the world.

  • Judge for the Emmy ® Awards, Cannes Corporate Festival, New York Festivals and more.

  • Partners include the United Nations, PBS, the National Public Health Service, the CBS Network Foundation as well as networks and governments worldwide.
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